Making of It’s a New Worldby Vinod Shantaram More, India

Vinod Shantaram More, India



The idea behind this painting came to me 4-5 months back when I was looking at a broken hardware from my PC. It was always there in my mind, that how much similar they both were… the hardware’s with their circuits and leaves with their veins. I always found them resembling in terms of shape, look, color and function, but totally contrasting at the same time as natural and manmade elements….It was then, looking at that piece of hardware that I thought of working on this concept.


I was pretty clear about the thought behind it, but somehow I was not getting it correct on the canvas. I spent 6-10 days working on this image but that could not satisfy me. Finally I left the painting. But I was always having this concept rendering back in my mind

After few months, it was now, that I again sat with the same thought and made rough color sketches which clicked to me. I got the clear picture that I was looking for all this time. After spending enough time understanding the elements and composition I started gathering raw material.

I browsed for the references like computer garbage, plugs, pins, keyboards, leaves, plants, forest, creepers and everything that I found useful. After collecting 30-40 reference images, I sorted out things that were suitable for my concept. My idea was; mostly to use readymade stuff like keyboard, cables, plants and leaves. I was not willing to spend time on painting them. But as soon as I started putting them in, somehow it was not fitting to my idea. I want every single element to be placed as my thoughts and that was not possible with readymade stuff.

Then I painted the keyboard in a way that I can place it and take it further. Then I studied the flow of circuits with one scrap hardware that I found road side a day before. And then I designed basic high resolution circuitry keeping a leaf as reference to follow shape and flow of veins. Here my most laborious part was over. Now I had to go more creative with placement, lighting and rendering.

Then I started painting things more close to the final output. First of all I transformed high resolution circuitry design to different sizes and shapes of different leaves and used with overlay layer option then retouched individually after merging down with leaves. Then I worked on, depth of field and placed supporting elements like monitor, creepers with plugs and pins connecting them. By this time my thought was very clear. I wanted nothing to be standing out, apart from a small plant. But at the same time I wanted all other elements to work as supporting actors. This took me really long time; finding right place and focus for every single object. For example I must have moved the monitor 20 times before placing it were it is in the final composition. I spent good time working on the stem for photorealism and getting the perfect SSS for it.

By this time I was pretty much fine with BG, color, light and composition, then I moved to my main actor, the fresh plant. I went in to maximum details that I was looking for, so I dressed up the surroundings accordingly. At the same time I was getting an idea of a fallen dry leaf. I took the existing leaf and tried to make it work and I was almost done with image. It was 8’o clock in the morning and I was working whole night on it. After tea I had another fresh look at it, meanwhile I asked few of friends to comment on it. As a result they like the piece but I got a confused reaction on dry leaf. That was it!

至此,我对背景,颜色,灯光及构图已是非常满意,然后我转而处理我的主要演员,一颗新芽。我使之达到我追求的最大程度的细节, 因此我事先装扮好了周围的环境,同时我还想出一个枯萎的干叶子的注意,我使用已有的叶片素材,试着让它符合我的要求,图像几乎就要完成了,那时已经是早上8点,我在叶子处理上几乎花了整个通宵。喝完早茶之后,我又重新审视了一下画面,同时也问了几位好友的意见,他们喜欢新鲜的叶片,但是似乎对枯萎叶子概念都不看好,把我都搞糊涂了,问题就出在这里!

Without wasting much time I removed that leaf and gave it another try. Now I placed everything in the background and concentrated on the creeper, where I wanted to add some more leaves. Separating the cables\ creeper from the entire picture helped me a lot to think and focus. Now I worked on maple leaf and placed it around with little bit of tweaking to avoid stamping feel. Then I worked on the dry part to make it look close to natural look. Then I blurred it according to the placement. It is not only birth or growth, but ageing and death that makes nature so beautiful and touching as compared to manmade world.
I was very happy to add this last thought to my painting, without which this piece would have been incomplete…….



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