Kerem Beyit访谈

Interview with Kerem Beyit
Kerem Beyit访谈

Kerem Beyit



Q. Hi could you tell us a bit about yourself and your background in CG and are you self taught or taken some training?

I’m a guy who’s been drawing since his childhood but I started doing this professionally in 2004. Before that, I was a graphic designer, because at the age 18 I wasn’t planning a career on illustration so I went ahead and studied graphic design and once the school was finished I started working as a graphic designer but then I realized that was not the thing for me and I started drawing again. After a long period of practicing I came up with my first digital tries, these first tries looked horrible but I knew I would comeover the problems by practicing more. I mean, I guess I can refer myself as a self-taught artist.
我是个从孩提时代就开始绘画的家伙。但从2004年开始我才以此作为职业,我是一名平面设计师,因为在18岁时,我计划成为一名插画师,因此我继续学习平 面设计,一旦我完成了学业,我开始作为平面设计师工作,但我发现那并不是我想干的活,于是,我又开始绘画,经过长时间的训练之后,我试着画出我的首批数码 作品,这些练习看起来很可怕,不过我知道只要练习更多,我就能克服这些问题,我想,我可以把自己归为一名自学的艺术家。


Q. So, you are a freelancer, please tell us what difficulties a freelancer have to face in getting the work and why you chosen to become a freelancer?

The difficulties a freelancer faces aren’t that many, on the contrary a freelance career provides you with the opportunities like a relaxed working environment in the comfort of your house and the chance to work on very different areas unlike in-house workers. On the other hand, it does have the handicap of the unstable income, though this can be overcome by reaching an established level and a certain number of clients, therefore, people who are thinking about a freelance career must venture to face difficulties in the first couple years. Besides this, if you try and get to know your clients very well and fully comprehend the task they ask from you and do your best on each project with respect to deadlines you will build your reputation and reach more clients. I worked in-house positions before but it didn’t take long before I decided it wasn’t for me. A freelance career is the best thing that could happen to a self indulgent guy like me.
一名自由职业者要面对的困难并没有那么多,相反,不像要坐班的人,自由职业给你在舒适的家中良好的工作环境下工作的机会,你还可以获得不同领域的工作。另 一方面,对于不确定的收入,确实有些障碍。虽然这可以通过建立一定级别和数量客户名单来克服,但是,考虑从事自由职业的人一定要冒一开始几年遇到困难的风 险。另外如果你对客户非常理解,并完全领会他们交给你的项目,把每一个项目都做到最好,并尊重最后期限,那你将会建立起你的信誉,并接触到更多的客户,我 之前有坐班工作,但不久我就发现那不适合我。对于像我这样的自我放纵的家伙来说,自由职业是最好的事。


Q. What software program(s) do you use for your illustrations and why?
I would use Photoshop 3.0 in my graphic designer days and when I started doing illustrations it felt comfortable to start with a familiar program so I went on with Photoshop. Now, I’m using CS2, I’ve tried the CS3 as well but it lost me time to learn all the new features so I am continuing on with CS2.
当我作为平面设计师工作的日子里我使用Photoshop 3.0,随后开始画插画,使用熟悉的软件让我觉得比较舒服因此我继续使用Photoshop ,现在我使用的是Cs2版本,我也尝试用CS3,但新版本花了我许多时间来学习新功能,因此我仍旧继续使用CS2。

Other than this, I use Vue 6 xStream when I want to use an environment for the background, it’s really quality stuff and quite useful for saving time.
除此之外,当我想创造环境作为背景时,我使用VUE 6 Xtreme,它真的质量非凡并节约时间。


Q. How much you enjoy creating an illustration for the book covers, comics and magazines? Which type of instructions you receive from the client?

I’ve always liked doing book covers but lately I haven’t had the chance to make time for book covers because I’m working on a comic book project.
The jobs I take usually involves illustrations for web sites, and character design and promotional illustrations for video and online games. Instructions depend on the clients, some of them give very exact descriptions while most leave it up to me but if we’re talking about book covers they usually ask me to follow up a certain scene and composition and I try my best to visualize it. When it comes to character design basically it’s enough for me to know what kind of feeling the characters are supposed to have to them, of course I get very precise requests as well, there are many clients who decribe everything from armour to weapon of choice. They even send some reference pictures for me to look at. This is not problematic for me at all because no matter what, I create the character in my own style and add those requested features harmoniously with that style.
我接到的工作通常包括网站的插画角色设计以及视频和在线游戏的宣传插画,大纲取决于客户,有些客户会给出详细的描述,但大多数都让我自由发挥。但如果我们 说到书籍封面,他们通常让我表现特定的场景和构图,而我则竭尽所能地使之视觉化、在角色设计这块,只要让我知道角色要给人的感觉就足够了,当然我也会得到 非常明确的要求,有许多客户详细描述从盔甲到武器选择的各种细节,他们甚至给我看一些参考图片,这完全不会让我困扰,因为无论如何,我使用我的风格创作角 色,那些要求的特征将与这个风格保持一致。


Q: 在你的作品集里,我么看到大多数都是幻想插画,有什么特殊的原因让你创作出如此多的幻想作品吗?

Fantasy art is a genre that has always affected me since my childhood, it would be crazy for me to come up with an anime style after seeing all those Frazzetta covers I also like doing sci-fi illustrations but unfortunately I don’t frequently get the chance to do them because I have a fantasy-emphasized portfolio therfore the offers I get are usually in that direction, this is a vicious circle and it seems to be continued this way. I am not complaining of course, I enjoy doing fantasy art very much.
幻想艺术是从我小时候就开始影响我的流派,在看过有所有那些弗雷泽塔绘制的封面之后,如果还让我遵从动画风格会让我发疯的,我也喜欢制作科幻插画,但不幸 的是我并不是经常有机会做这类项目,应为我有一个幻想为主的作品集,因此得到的也大多是这个方向的委托,这是一个恶性循环,并似乎还将继续下去,我当然不 会抱怨,我非常喜欢绘制幻想艺术。

Q. Please tell us about your hobbies and average daily day?

My hobbies are the kind of hobbies that support my profession, I watch an immense amount of movies (good cgi movies being my favorites), read lots of comic books and novels, and I have a thing for McFarlane toys. In a typical day, if I have an assignment I start by working on it, towards 8 p.m. I start feeling my arms and my body telling me to rest so I stop working and watch a movie or two, play pc games, sometimes go out with my friends and in the morning I pick up where I left off and start working again.
我有一些支持我专业的爱好,我看了数不清的电影(好的CG电影是我的最爱),看了很多漫画书和小说,我也收集麦克法兰的玩具。对我来说,典型的一天,如果 我有一个委托,我会开始工作直到晚上8点,我开始感觉我的手臂和身体告诉我需要休息了,于是我停下来看一到两部电影,玩一会PC游戏,有时候和我的朋友们 出去,到了早上,我再接再厉,重新开始工作。


Q. What advice you like to give the upcoming artists, how they can create beautiful illustrations?

They should accept that there’s no magic wand in our field of work, the best way to create good illustrations is to work hard and consistent, if you don’t have a good sketch, if your figure has anatomical mistakes, if your composition doesn’t work no matter how masterfully you color it, the end result will just be off. That’s why my advice to upcoming artists is that they should master the basics on paper and then skip to digital media. Practice is a very, very crucial factor.
他们必须接受,在我们这个领域没有什么魔法棒,创造好插画的最好方法就是持之以恒地努力工作。如果你素描不好,如果你的形体有结构错误,如果你的合成,无 论你的主色如何设置,看起来都不好,最终结果都不行。因此我建议未来的艺术家们首先在纸上掌握基础技巧,再转到数码媒体,练习才是硬道理。



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