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I started with a quick sketch on a relatively dark grey background. It doesn’t matter actually what background you start on – you can start with a black or white one if you like, but I personally prefer neutral grey, because it gives you the added possibility of adding bright colours to your sketch and to make nice highlights, as well as shadows.



I had no idea what I was going to paint at this point, only some interesting form which came to my mind recently : a lone-legged camel with a guy on top wearing a huge turban. ALL proportions have to be exaggerated, but still not caricatured – maybe something a little cartoony (Fig01).


Here I started blocking-in the main colours and working out the lighting. Because my character was going to be a kind of desert nomad, the lighting had to be strong.I wanted to create the desert at noon so the sun had to be in zenith. I didn’t mess with the details at this point; it is a very rough sketch and is all still changeable at this stage(Fig02).


I had an idea about lighting and colouring and I put away my sketch, starting with a new layer in Painter. I began with a line drawing with all of the possible details, refining the curves of my character and trying to make it as interesting as possible.


As I thought of the silhouette of my character, I decided that it was too symmetrical, and so I considered adding another character to the scene to make it more interesting. So I drew a lady for my nomad. I made a line drawing without using any preliminary sketches.Each character was drawn on its own layer to make my composition more flexible, as I may have wanted to move them during the creation process(Fig03).



Once again I started blocking-in the colours, but on the detailed line drawing this time. This was going to be my final colour sketch before moving onto the detailed painting(Fig04).



Finally, I started to paint my nomad. I hid the other character’s layer as I didn’t need it at this stage. I tried to make my character as detailed as possible, even though I know that most of the details won’t be seen in final resolution. Here I put a simple background behind the character; this is not the final one, but it puts my character into a good environment with the appropriate lighting(Fig05).

最后,我开始去画我的游民了。 我隐藏了其他角色层,因为这一阶段我不需要它。我试着尽可能的给我的角色画更多的细节,即使我知道这些细节的大多数在最后不能被看到。这里我给我的角色铺 了一个简单的背景;这不是最终的一个,但是它带我的角色进入一个适合亮度的好的环境(图05)。


At this stage, I started to work on the nomad’s wife. As a matter of fact, it was pretty straight forward from here onwards, beacuse I already solved all of the lighting and colouring issues two stages ago; the only thing I had to do here was to add some details. AT this point, the background was still simple; I just had to make sure that my characters felt comfortable within the scene.Besides, I still didn’t know ecactly what was going to be belind them, because at this stage I wasn’t sure if I was going to leave it as it was(Fig06a and b).

在这个阶段我开始画牧民的妻子。事实上,从这向前这是相当顺利的,因为我在两阶段前已经解决了所有的明 暗和色彩问题;只有一件事是我必须去做的,那就是添加更多的细节。与此同时,背景仍旧是简单的;我必须确保我的角色在这个场景里看起来舒服。另外,我仍旧 不确切知道他们背后将是什么。因为现阶段,我不确定是否我会像现在这样留下(图06a和b)。


I looked at the image once more and I found it pretty boring without an appropriate background, so I started to paint an old wall, some trees and a building behind the characters. To add an oriental atmosphere I also added three minarets. This was all done pretty quickly and with on fine details(Fig07).And that’s all, folks!

我再次看了我的画, 我发现没有一个恰当的背景它十分的单调,所以我开始在角色的背后去画一个古旧的墙,许多树还有一个建筑。为了产生一种东方的氛围,我也加了三座光塔。这些完成是十分快速的和许多细节。(图07)而这一切,伙计们!




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